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Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Special Effects Rockin', St. Louis Cardinals' Mascot Crashing, DIY Sportin' Wedding

Um... Would you ever guess that there is a parking lot behind Julie and Chris? No, for real. There is a parking lot behind them. I know, RIGHT? I mean, all I see is a beautiful couple with bright, fabulous flowers in the background. Don't you? How cool is that? Where are the cars? Where are the lights? Seriously, how lucky for them that they chose such a kickass, cool photog who brought smoke emitters to mask a rather less than perfect backdrop. That my friends is the work of the talented Amy Aiello. An out of the box, forward thinking photographer. Want to see more of these shots? Just wait, bridey! 

I mean, there are so many different elements to this wedding, that as you scroll through the pics , you may very well feel as though you are seeing three different weddings showcasing the same couple. Like... really. This wedding encapsulates some seriously cool stuff. The B+G are from Chicago (so is the photog) and had a super chill, low key wedding. They didn't have a plated dinner, but instead opted for heavy passed hors d'oeuvres, some delicious cupcakes and tons of dancing... Totally my kind of wedding reception! Not only that, but decor was mostly DIY (down to the homemade jam given away as favors), and there was even a cameo appearance by the St Louis Cardinals' mascot! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

So, without further ado, start scrolling, bridey!

I am such a sucker for sunflowers. (Side note... the very first flower my hus gave me was a sunflower.)That wedding dress and the shrug! LOVE IT!The seventh grader in me wants to laugh at the sign. But, I won't. I'm a grown up!Beautiful shot.

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