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Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Cool Redhead, Some Skateboarding, and Dog

There are so many reasons why I love Madeline and Tyler, and their wedding. First of all... LOOK at her Madeline's hair. OH MY GOD! I am completely absolutely obsessed with her HOT HOT HOT red! I mean, whoa! Right? And not just anybody can pull it off, and Madeline is ROCKIN' it! DAMN. Okay... moving on.

Anyway... the other reason why I love this wedding is because it looks like so much fun, and when a few things didn't go as planned (there was a slight mishap with the limo driver) instead of freaking out, they shot the formals at the water's edge and got in a bit of skateboarding. How cool is that? Some peeps would have let it ruin their day, but not Madeline and Tyler. And I dig it! Because you all know that I dig a Bitchless Bride. And know what else I dig? The location of the reception. It was held at the old Columbia Theater which I think is totally FAB! Well, enough outta me... ENJOY!

That HAIR! Holy shit!!!!! I'm a cat person, but I really love that dog. And I love that Madeline and Tyler included their puppy in such a special day.Okay. SO cute! Amazingly adorable little girls and such beautiful dresses (and that scrumptious dog)!Awwwwwww.......Hilarious. C'mon, that's funny!I am DYING over this. When the limo breaks down, what else is there to do? SKATEBOARD! Oh, and take your formal pics!

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