Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Rocky Mountain, Rustically Beautiful, Tented Colorado Wedding

When I heard the story of how Gloria and Maggie met, I immediately pictured them in a movie. Why? Well, outside of their cinema looks, their story is pretty awesome. You see, they originally met in 2006, stayed in touch, but didn't really get together until 2013! Seven years later! I know, right? It's like they knew that if they were to get together any sooner, then perhaps it wouldn't have resulted with this STUN NING Colorado wedding! Seriously, I know that if I met my hus any sooner, we definitely wouldn't have dated! See what I mean? Total movie material!

Anyway... Gloria and Maggie's wedding is truly spectacular. Aside from the mountain views, the thoughtful décor and the sheer joy and excitement, the deets have me in wedding planning glory. I love everything about the tablescape and the food!! So go... Get inspired, and enjoy this wedding as much as I did!
Love the sunflowers!!
Dying over the socks and boots under the wedding dress!
Meanwhile, down the road... Another bride gets dressed in her wedding gown.
I love the raw emotion captured in this photograph.
Let's go get married!
Love the ceremony program! And, I love how it doubles as a fan!
Holy shit! Look at the backdrop! It almost looks fake!
Oh yeah!!!
Such a FAB pick!
Bring it!!
I love how each napkin is a different pattern!
Simple and elegant. 
Fuck yeah!!!!!!
Thank you Gloria and Maggie for sharing your beautiful wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Katie Keighin Photography
DJ: Another Brother Production
Equipment Rentals: Colorado Event Rentals
Hair Stylist: Comb Goddess
Specialty Foods: Divino
Second Shooter: Erika Overholt Photography
Event Venue: Midnight Ranch
Caterer: Rex's Catering

Fantasy Friday ~ A Stunningly Beautiful Hawaiian Couples Session

As I always say, the best place to meet your sig other? A bar of course! That's where Kamalie and Merr met four years ago, and they have been inseparable ever since. You know how they say opposites attract? Trite, but true, right? Well, Kamaile is a lawyer and Merr is a welding supervisor. And while their day-to-day entails an entirely different set of rules, everyday they complement each other. (Just like my hus and me! We are super different, and it totally works! We complement each other quite well!). Kamalie and Merr love to go to EDM raves, travel and just have a ball together! On the day of the shoot, they were just having fun around Kaka'ako in Hawaii! Go take a look! Totally AWESOME!

I think I may go purple ombre with my hair... I LOVE how it looks!!It's clear that these two have a ton of fun together!!Such a FAB pic! I love a good smile kiss!What's so funny?!!!

Love this couples shoot! Thank you for sharing with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Creatrix Photography

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ An Off the Beaten Path,Traditional, DIY, and Homemade Farm Wedding

Bonnie and Becky. Becky and Bonnie. Maybe it's because when you put their names together, you come up with BB or maybe it's because they rock such cool and exquisite taste or maybe it's because they are so clearly meant for each other, but whatever it is, I really, really love Bonnie and Becky! I want them to be my friends 'cause I can just tell that they are fucking awesome. And bridey, all you have to do is absorb their gorgeous ceremony and all of the FAB elements of their wedding reception, and you'll want to be their friends too... But, the major reason I want to be friends with Bonnie and Becky? Is because they get it. They get that while the planning is coo coo, the marriage is totally worth it... 

From the brides: Whenever wedding planning was overwhelming, we reminded ourselves that even if virtually EVERYTHING went wrong, we'd still say our vows and be married, so it'd be a success. Well, not only did we get married, but we a dream-come-true celebration, surrounded by the people we love the most.
From the brides: Our wedding outfits were kept secret from each other until the wedding day, and in fact no one (except our tailor) had seen both the dresses up until that day. We decided to do a "first look" and we're so glad we did - seeing each other and having a moment alone before the ceremony was one of our favorite parts of the day. 
From the brides: We walked down the aisle and back up again to violin and viola tunes provided by two of Bonnie's former classmates from her time in music conservatory. 
From the brides: The ceremony itself was officiated by a dear family friend. We worked hard with her in the months leading up to the wedding to make sure that every element of our ceremony was meaningful to us - we wanted to combine tradition that made sense to us with things that define us as individuals and as a couple. 
From the brides: We integrated pieces of each of our backgrounds into the ceremony, resulting in an awesome mash-up of both of our heritages and histories.
From the brides: We knew we wanted an outdoor wedding, someplace with lots of green space and off the beaten path. We fell in love with our venue the moment we saw it - the gravely path leading up to the gorgeous red barn, big trees and rolling green hills in every direction. We loved that it was a real, working farm, complete with goats, chickens and pigs, and that the space is a public park, accessible for anyone to visit.