The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ It Was a Logistical Nightmare

So, I missed an opportunity to book a potentially fabulous wedding this week. And you know what? I’m a little fucking bitter about it. You know why I’m so bitter? Because it wasn’t my fault…. Trust me, I am not afraid of admitting when I am wrong or when I lost a piece of business because I messed up or made a mistake or just got lazy. Every now and again it happens. But, the reason I lost this one? Pure logistics. I mean, usually it’s the logistics for the wedding that’s the nightmare, not figuring out a time to meet! Right?

In a nutshell? She’s a super busy person, I’m a super busy person (it’s engagement season brideys… lots of meetings happening right now!), and although we had a pleasant rapport via email and on the phone, she picked the first planner who she was able to schedule a meeting with (and this planner is definitely not the right one for her… just stating the truth.). So, not only did I miss out on a fantastic wedding and a cool-ass bride, but also, the bride made an impulsive and stupid choice just so she could “move forward” quickly. And I’m sitting here going… WHY? Why would she do that? Where’s the fire? Seriously, this bride is looking to get married NEXT May, and we were only dancing around the logistics for a week…