Fantasy Friday ~ The Ice Queen

This post is so awesomely cool that I just had to show you. There's no doubt that it would definitely be a fucked up bridal shoot, but... Who cares! It's still a SUPER, kickass shoot!! I mean, there is a beautiful dress, stunning hair and makeup and overall, these photographs are killer. And this pic? It TOTALLY reminds me of Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange... Right? Kickass and creepy all at the same time! Anyway, here's what the chicks at FStop Poetry were thinking (more like channeling) when they shot this.

FStop Poetry: I have been watching a lot of Tarantino movies lately and looking at a lot of McQueen. I appreciate men who make women look bad ass. Since we graduated Erin and I have tried to continue our personal work and still give ourselves things to try “Just for fun”. Because let’s face it, creating work is a lot of fun, and it’s easy to forget that.

So this month we decided to just spit ball some ideas, call our friends and create something for fun, but also push ourselves to go outside of our box and try to work a little differently. Using models, a make up artist, and Sue Regis’ Glass we set out with a goal of creating a fairy tale. Sue created glass pieces specifically for our story, Andrea brought our “arwen meets black swan” character to life. And Shaun volunteered to be honest about having insecurities. Even as classically beautiful as Shaun is she still asked us “are you sure I am not too pale?Keep scrolling to see how it ends.We have both been reflecting on the importance of staying positive. Inspired by the Midwest winters, that make everything seem gray. The thought of Narnia never thawing, and the story “The Ice Queen” We created a story about a woman who becomes frozen, and no longer sees the world the same way. She looks in a mirror and see’s her own broken view of beauty all over her face. Every flaw magnified, and every disappointment held onto in frozen jars. She becomes so frozen she cannot feel the cold.Not gonna lie, I love this shot of the filthy wedding dress.The frozen jars filled with disappointment (totally channeling Tarantino here!)...Wait! What's in the box?! Fstop, what if we ended it with Shaun realizing that perfection is bullshit? And the box contains her self love and confidence?Let's get rid of the jars of disappointment, shall we? FStop: It’s really easy to focus on the “wish-I-had’s…” The wish-I-hads, can easily become your theme song, if you don’t make an effort to say, “I wonder what light, I can seek out in the world today…”Shaun, you're beautiful, and not too pale at all! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: F/stop Poetry
Hair Stylist: andrea ryl-kuchar
Other: Regis Glass Art
Model: Shaundria Rae Lewis