Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Romantic, Radiant and Delicious Southern Wedding

Brideys, if you are looking for a theme, but you aren’t sure what you want it to be, look no further! As I mentioned in the Fantasy Friday post from June 13th, Radiant Orchid is the Pantone Color of the year, and here is a real wedding which rocks this color, and HARD! Seriously, down to the sashes in the dresses the flower girls are wearing to the linen, it’s all purple all the time! And remember how I said that purple is the color of good judgment? Well, I said it… In that post I referenced from the 13th! Anyway, Ashley and Kirk have one of the BEST grooms’ cakes I have ever seen! No really. Fucking awesome! I mean… Personally, this cake encapsulates two of my favorite things in the whole wide world; donuts and cake, and ties them together in a fabulous charming way. Scroll down… You’ll see!

Know what I love? I didn’t receive any information about the bride + groom with this submission, but I can look at their wedding and get a glimpse of who they are without even knowing the details. Clearly, they have good judgment and taste because they chose radiant orchid, but more than that, I can tell you that Matt is a police officer who loves his donuts and coffee, Ashley is a fantastic mommy who is absolutely in love with their daughter, and that the two of them are totally passionate about each other and having fun together! Bridey, what will your wedding say about you? If you didn’t tell me your story, could I “get it” based on the photographs alone?  Think about it, and remember to make your wedding about what’s important… The bride + groom!!!Ashley, you look GORGE!! 
This first look is beautiful. I LOVE the way Matt is looking at Ashley.
C'mon... Let's go over here...
Um... Could ya' bust? The baby and the dress!!!! OMG!
Seriously, all I hear is the clock ticking when I look at these kiddos...
Now that's a proud papa!
Love the decor and the space! 

Fantasy Friday ~ Sweet Sensation... It's Such a Good Vibration

Do you ever think to yourself, "Dammit, there's not enough pink in the world."? I do. Like, all of the time... Seriously, I look back and can't believe I actually went through a "I only wear black" phase. Right? Just look at my website. It's super PINK!! Brideys, ladies, whoever... you know what I'm talking about!! So, in honor of us girls who went through the, "I only wear black phase", here's a whole bunch of pink to make up for it! Not too mention a kickass wedding dress (cheers to Solitary Pearl) to drool over and some gorgeous flowers to boot!

Maribel (from EightTreeStreet) take it away: From Vivacious," one of Pantone's 2013 fall colors teams up with a unique non-traditional Fall bright palette to celebrate an exciting Urban Autumn wedding in pinks, fuchsia, with silver, chartreuse and yellow accents. This inspiration photo shoot celebrates Vivacious with an organic combination of Indie wedding designers - a natural blend of modern and sustainable design.. Many of the components of this inspiration shoot have been made with all natural, recycled, repurposed or reclaimed materials. Flowers come from organic farms, and the wedding gown is designed by one of Ohio's up and coming Indie designers, Solitary Pearl. 

Are you dying right now? I love the pink and silver. LOVE!