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Real Wedding ~ Paris is Always a Good Idea

I have a confession to make. I have never been to Paris. I know, right? How awful is that? Actually, it's almost embarrassing! Trust me, it's on the bucket list. When I picture myself in Paris, I see a baguette under one arm, a glass of wine in my hand and a cigarette dangling from my mouth (so I smoke on vacation... please don't judge me... I mean, it's fucking Paris. You gotta smoke!). Anyway...

I want to eat and drink my way through this amazing city, although the opportunity just hasn't presented itself yet. So maybe that's why I'm sharing this wedding with you, bridey. Terra and Marc wanted to have their wedding where they had their first date (poor them, it must have been tough to have their first date in Paris...), so that's exactly what they did. While I'm only showing you their stunning wedding, this FAB couple planned three days of festivities for their guests, and then got married at Marc's uncle's house. 

Benjamin, their photographer, said "For Marc and Terra this was a once in a lifetime trip with the people they loved most. They wanted it documented into permanent memories." I mean... It doesn't get more heartfelt that than, right? So, bridey, let this be a lesson to you. Follow your heart, invite who you want, and make it last...

I love how Terra's head seems to be floating in the sea of bridesmaids.

Amazing photograph. I love the emotion encapsulated in the frame. And I adore the black and white!Aren't they just the happiest, sweetest couple?!!

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