Real Wedding Wednesday ~ "I Love You. How Many More Times do I Have to Say it?"

I know you're probably like, "What the fuck is with the boombox?" Right? I was! Actually, if I'm honest, I was hoping they weren't using it for the ceremony music. And then, I was thinking about who still has a boombox, and why! Anyway... If you think about the title of the post and then scroll down a bit, you will understand the significance of the boombox. 

I wish I had the opportunity to work with Marielle and David. I truly do. Because they get it. Like, really, really get it. Their wedding was a celebration for them, but about friends and family. No timeline, no fiasco, no bullshit. Just two people who love each other. PERIOD. Some cool shit they did? Well, a longtime friend became ordained and married them, in lieu of gifts they asked that their guests make donations to the charities of their choice, Marielle and David donated the left over food to those in need, all of the flowers from the wedding were donated to Random Act of Flowers, etc. etc. etc. Pretty amazing, right? 

See the blue faces? Those pics were from their engagement session where they fought with super bright paint.Love your hair, Marielle! The style and the color!That place just looks cool, right?David! Totally love how you're looking at Marielle!HOLY SHIT! Right? If you don't get this, shame on you. David is holding the boombox (in question) above his head while the DJ played "In Your Eyes" just like Lloyd Dobler in "Say Anything"! Yup! Cocktails first! And, the B+G joined their guests.Um. Hi. I love pie.

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Hurricane Issac Didn't Get in Their Way

I say this every Wednesday, but I really am in love with Caroline (and Ben's pretty cool too). They got married the weekend of Hurricane Issac. Yeah... Yikes! But, they didn't let it get in their way. No no no... They pushed on, changed the plan, and rolled with it. How awesome is that? And what I find truly fucking cool? Everybody made it to the wedding, and as you'll see from the pictures, they had an amazing time! Go Caroline!

Another thing I say A LOT... BB is NOT from the DIYers, but I have a deep respect for those of you who are. I am no artist, and really hate following direction (shocking, I know), so usually anything I do myself, turns to shit. But, Caroline (together with her grandmother, mom, MIL, bridesmaids, etc.)? She rocked it! I mean, just look at her bouquet!!! 

So, please my brideys, enjoy this phenomenal wedding! Let it put things into perspective for you. Caroline had to plan TWO weddings (and not for the price of one) because of the hurricane. If she can do that, then you can certainly plan one without losing your cool! ENJOY!

(When Caroline tried on her wedding dress, she fell in love with a veil that was out of her budget (a third of the price of the dress). She looked for an alternative, but just decided that she could not spend that much on a veil! Her grandmother found a birdcage veil and hair comb for a steal at Joann Fabrics. She also bought a package of tiny rhinestones. So with a pair of tweezers and a bottle of craft glue, Caroline created her beautiful veil a few days before the wedding. She loved the outcome, loved the price, and received many compliments!)

1. Bridey, how did you meet your spouse? (The short and sweet version please.)

We met in college in Santa Fe, New Mexico (at a Toga Party!). We went on a few dates before Ben graduated and then I was supposed to leave for home. Luckily my car broke down and we dated all summer and then he moved to New York. We did long distance for a while and then I moved out here too. 

2. How long were you together before you were engaged?

4 1/2 years

3. What was the length of time between the engagement and the wedding?

A year and a half! 

4. Where did your wedding take place? (venue, city and state)

It was supposed to take place at a family members home in Chesterfield, MO, but instead we moved it indoors (thanks to a weekend of 100% chance of precipitation due to Hurricane Isaac) to Chesterfield Arts/Stages St. Louis. We were their first wedding ever!