Pink Hair

Fantasy Friday ~ Tattoo Engagement Session

Tara + Kirk. Yeah... They got matching tattoos and photographed it. How cool is that? And would you look at Tara's amazing HOT PINK hair? Clearly, I love it. While my hair might be a wig, I can still appreciate how awesome hot pink hair is, right? Anyway... Apparently, Tara is super sweet and funny and Kirk thought so too...

From what I gather, Tara posted a photograph on Instagram and Kirk couldn’t get over how beautiful she was. They started a conversation, one thing led to another and next thing you know they are getting matching tattoos and being photographed! I mean, the dude even moved from Ohio to Chicago to be with her! LOVE IT! Could you bust!!!??

That's Jessica. She seems super happy to be a part of this documenting history what have you...LOOK at Tara's hair! If I had the balls, I would totally have hot pink hair. But, I don't, so on occasion, I wear a wig and film myself.I love this shot.... (and I love her hot pink lips too!)Awwwwww.....I love them! 

Submitted via Two Bright Lights  ~ PhotographerF/stop Poetry