It's a Nice Day For a White Trash Wedding

I need to write about something funny after watching the horror from last Friday, and the news coverage from the weekend. Like most of you, I’ve spent the last few days digesting the complete evilness of one disturbed human being, and continue to be in shock and deep mourning for the people in Connecticut. So, I’m sharing with you a story that is so incredibly trashy, that you can’t help but laugh. And I think we all could use a good laugh right now. Right? Actually, if I’m honest, I swore that I wouldn’t write about this experience because of how trashy this wedding was, but now… I just don’t care. So enjoy this real life anecdote about a batshit crazy bride, her completely drunk husband and her very rich daddy.


This is Where My Head is at Today

So, I am pretty much running on empty. I am exhausted. I am beat down. I wish I was the lovely woman smoking in this picture. But, I am not. And I won't get driven to it because of this bride and her complete shit attitude. However, I'm not feeling at all creative today. I have nothing left to give this week. Everything I feel right now I have written... So if you want to get a glimpse into my head then, read the four posts below... And then feel free to send some flowers, chocolate and/or vodka.

Fuck You and Your Shit Attitude

And the Tree was Unhappy

Listen Up

Tick Tock on the Clock