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Fantasy Friday ~ Historic, Simple and Stunning... Welcome to Tori & Cory's Wedding

I never open with a pic of a wedding cake (no matter how much I want to because of my obsession with cake), but this shot really seemed to encapsulate the feel of Tori and Cory's wedding day (I know, right?! They rhyme!). It's warm, elegant and beautiful; completely reflecting how I felt while browsing these photographs. Bridey, please note the ease to T+C's wedding day as it should be a lesson to all brides-to-be. 

The B+G were married in Bramwell, a very historic part of West Virginia. And even though it rained on and off throughout the day, the sun seemed to shine at all of the right times (Shit! Now I'm rhyming!!). I mean... Who cares if it rains?! You're getting married! And, that's what counts! So, bridey, enjoy this totally inspirational wedding, not just for the color palette, cake or flowers, but for the loveliness of the B+G.
I cannot get enough of this bouquet!! It's absolutely stunning!Gorgeous shot!

Covered train station during the rain... How perfect is that?

Ummm.... Can we just talk about Tori's nails? LOVE!Here we go!! Let's get married!What a cutie!! Super excited!!No more rain... 
Um... that's a great kiss! Just sayin'...Real men hold the train...This is a FAB cake topper! And the cake? Love the beautiful simplicity!Check out the faces on these two!!Tori and Cory, you are way too cute. Thanks for sharing with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Jasmine Rose Photography
Floral Designer: Brown Sack Florist
Reception Venue: David's at the Club