Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Romantic Winery Wedding

Sometimes photographs just speak to you... Know what I mean? Like, how many times have you looked at a picture of a piece of chocolate cake or a juicy cheeseburger, and then needed to devour some chocolate cake and/or a cheeseburger? Right? (For me, it's every time... I know... I ALWAYS have to bring it back to food...) Well, I had a similar experience as I was browsing Jenny & Matt's wedding photos. I seriously think they spoke to me. I felt like I was a guest, taking in the winery air, enjoying a fabulous meal under the tent and rockin' out to DJ Dojah!

Bridey, this is a wedding you don't want to miss! Absorb the details. Absorb the energy. And absorb the pure happiness that Jenny and Matt exude. Here's their kick ass wedding story.

From Alex of IQphoto Studio: "How did you meet?" We met while watching a Stanford football game at a local sports bar. We both went to Stanford and have many friends in common. Matt was sitting across the table from me and won me over with his wit. He was wearing a Stanford Construction shirt (he got his masters in construction management), and I said "Oh did you work construction at Stanford?" Matt replied, "actually I studied it there. You know, Railroad and Construction were the first two majors at Stanford. I wanted to do Railroad, but they don't have it anymore!" That pretty much did it for me.