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Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Stunning Bride, a Botanica Background and One Kickass Wedding

Bridey, this is NOT a styled shoot. Kira is a real bride, and that is a real location. Are you dying? I mean, I don't usually open with a photograph of just the bride, but I couldn't help myself! First of all, the backdrop looks fake, and secondly, Kira is beyond gorgeous. Yeah, the two key factors that make up an awesome styled shoot. But, seriously, Kira you are a SUPER stunning bride, and that dress...OMFG!!! That Pronovias dress!!! Absolutely breathtaking. WOW! Okay... I guess I should probably move on and tell you a bit about Kira and Pierrick. 

Kira and Pierrick have been together for twelve years! Which I'm guessing means that they probably met when they were about 10 years old because they are so incredibly fabulous and make such a handsome couple! I love all of the DYI aspects, but what I love most? This shouldn't shock you, bridey, but what I love the most is that the bride and groom are having a great time. It's so important to celebrate and have fun after all of the work that goes into planning you wedding, and Kira and Pierrick are doing just that... HAVING FUN! And, so are their guests. 

INCREDIBLE. ABSOLUTELY INSANELY AMAZING!!I must say, Kira... You got a fine looking bunch of girls!I mean... Pierrick you are rockin' those sunnies!!OMG! Again! Kira... WHOA!!Probably one of my favorite shots...GQ anybody?

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