Taffeta Dresses

Another... The Truth DOESN'T Have to Hurt Tuesday ~ Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

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I have to admit, for as much as I know about wedding dresses, and wedding planning, I know practically nothing about flower girl dresses (except that I want to fall over every time I see an adorable little girl in a FAB dress). Is this a sponsored post? Yes. But, considering that I am on a mission to educate you, bridey, I thought you could actually learn a thing or two about these ADORBS dresses. Not too mention that these little cuties will find a place in your photo album, so I thought you should know a bit about choosing your flower girl dresses. 

From the masters at BLACKNBIANCO:

The old adage goes that little girls are made of sugar, spices and everything nice. Ah, but what are flower girls’ dresses made of? Well the short answer these days is, everything! Today’s flower girls come adorned in a vast variety of luxurious fabrics that gleam in both innocence and elegance; reflecting the variety of classic beauty that one would expect from wedding wear.

Silk. The classic dress fabric, silk stands as the primary ingredient in classic haute couture fashion. Smooth and luminous, a silk dress is the ultimate statement of beauty and class; so when planning any item of wedding wear (including the flower girl dress), it’s always safe to say it with silk.

Taffeta. Conventionally used to craft dresses worn at church events, tea parties, formals, ceremonies and dance events, shiny, taffeta is a fabric classically associated with girls’ dresses. The flower girl will feel like a little princess in her billowy taffeta frock!

Cotton. A vast variety of children’s clothing is culled from fabric, a soft, comfortable, and endlessly flexible fabric that stand as a cornerstone of traditional fashion. What’s better, today’s cotton dresses can be crafted to resemble works of fine silk, their fine-spun fabrics giving the impression of a haute couture gown.

Organdy. Silken and light, organdy is a lovely cloth traditionally associated with weddings, high-class parties, and other social events. Bridesmaids, flower girls and even brides are often adorned in organdy.

Lace. Many flower girls has been adorned in a gown of pure ivory lace; standing as the symbol of purity and grace at the most sacred ceremony of all. Lace is a material befitting of a queen; and, of course, of a little princess who brings both ebullient floral and endless charm to any wedding event.

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