The Broke-Ass Bride

Go Get It Girls... Broke-Ass Bride's Wedding Guide!!

So... who likes to save money? I do! I do!! Bridey's, if you are planning a wedding, then I bet you need some help sticking to and creating your wedding budget, right? RIGHT. Then do yourself a favor, go get Dana's book! She'll tell you how to have the wedding you want without tapping into your 401K!

Take it from me, Dana is a no bullshit, truth telling, kickass girl... If you haven't visited her site, check it out, but if your budget is taking a beating, then get the book! Got it?

The Kick-Ass, Broke-Ass and Bitch-Less Monday...

Today, I’m a whore. Today this post is dedicated to me, to moi, Bitchless Bride! I deserve a day to myself every now and then, right? So, are you curious why today is about BB? 

Well, as most of you know, I wrote a pretty fantastic wedding planning guide, Plan Like a Planner, A Revolutionary Wedding Planning Guide, and I am absolutely freaking out because Dana (the hot redhead pictured above) with The Broke-Ass Bride wants to include my wedding planning guide in her "Best New Wedding Books For Newbie Brides"! Right? I know! How fucking cool is THAT? So, kudos to me. Yes, I just used the word “kudos”, and yes I was referring to myself when I said it, but I don’t care! I am absolutely thrilled that Dana is interested in presenting something I worked incredibly hard to create on her fabulous site!

If you haven’t visited The Broke-Ass Bride, then get on it bridey! Not only is it a fantastic site for brides-to-be, but also Dana and her team speak the truth about weddings and have proven to be a great resource during the wedding planning process. Every day, she and her team demonstrate that you don’t have to break the bank to have a killer wedding. And today, I am part of that team.

So, again… kudos to me!