Valentine's Day

The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Which Came First, the Bride or the Bitch?

Bridey, the timing of this article is not an accident. With stupid Valentine's Day just around the corner (not to mention the millions of girls who were engaged over the holidays), several once well-behaved girlfriends will turn into entitled, bitchy brides-to-be. I'm not quite sure where the transition from nice, sweet girlfriend to crazy, bitch bride (aka: Bridaldemia) takes place, but there is a serious fucking breakdown somewhere, and it needs to stop. And, I, Bitchless Bride, am determined to put an end to using your newly achieved bridal status as an excuse for shit behavior. 

But, here's the thing? Which came first, the bride or the bitch? Seriously, did these new brides start off as bitches or were they given an excuse; a free pass to be a bitch simply for being a bride? Are the newly engaged (girls) just owning up to the expected behavior that society has justified? I was thinking about this the other day when I was engaged (forgive the pun) in a super awkward conversation with a woman who knows I don't like her. Of course, my mind immediately went to, "Damn, I bet she was a real beast while planning her wedding," but, then I immediately decided that she wasn't salvageable. I'm positive that she was a bitch from the get-go. And, some of you brides start off as bitches, but I find it hard to believe that all of you do!

Let's talk more about this "expected behavior". I believe that it all starts innocently enough. Bridey, you're engaged! YAY! It's super exciting, and the beginning of a new stage in your life. But, with that stage comes uncertainty, and with uncertainty comes fear and stress. And, when the fear and stress kick in, the little girl inside of us begins to rage. And, that is when the bitch is cut loose. However, instead of putting a leash on that crazy bitch, she's celebrated. Right? I mean, there are fucking television shows which follow this crazy bitch around, just to see how rude she'll be to the next person in her path, and that makes it okay somehow. So, why cage the animal? Right? It's okay... She's a bride... Well, you know what? Fuck that!

It reminds me of how I was when I was pregnant. I wasn't a bitch, but I was eating for 25. I swear, I was on the cupcake and mac-n-cheese diet (and it was awesome). I mean, wasn't that expected of me? I was creating a human being for Gods sake, and needed the endurance to make him strong, right? Wrong. In reality, all I really needed was an extra 300 calories a day (like a glass of whole milk), not a whole fucking cow! But, I was pregnant, and every time I turned around somebody was excusing my behavior. Similar to how we excuse the heinous behavior so many brides. But, my cupcake addiction was a hurdle that I had to overcome once I had the baby; I wasn't hurting anybody else except myself. But, as a bride behaving badly? You're actually hurting people. 

I know it sounds dramatic, but it's true. Bridey, you have no idea how your behavior can change the course of somebody else's day, week, year or even life. I started Bitchless Bride because of how one bride made me feel. ONE BRIDE. That bitch made me question everything I had ever known professionally, and I worked with her for 16 months. SIXTEEN FUCKING MONTHS. And, based on the conversations I have had with other professionals in the wedding industry, I'm not alone. We have all had at least one bride who made us doubt how good we really are.

So, bridey... Which bride are you going to be? Are you going to see what you can get away with because it's expected of you, or are you going to harness the bitch, and be kind? Surprisingly, it's your choice.

Image via Wedding Bee

The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ When Your Tacky Wedding Guests Cause a Stir

Bridey, if you know me at all, then you know I'm not a big fan Valentine's Day. It made me feel like shit when I was single, and still manages to make me feel like shit (in a different kind of way) as a married woman. Right? So, when I began working with a couple, helping them to plan their Valentine's Day wedding, I was a bit apprehensive. Would my disdain for the holiday come through? Would I accidentally slip and accuse them of being cheesy for wanting their wedding on such an annoying holiday? Surprisingly, I kept my shit together during the planning process, and the wedding was amazingly beautiful. Black, red and silver (of course), with super FAB uplighting and decor, and several cool treats for the guests. So, what has me in a bit of a tizzy? The wedding guests!

Yup! The fucking wedding guests! And it wasn't what happened during the wedding that pissed me off, it was what happened before and afterward that I find to be ridiculous! Three words... RED SOLO CUPS! Yup! Some of the guests were sitting in the lobby of this lovely hotel drinking out of Solo cups. OH.MY.GOD. Why? Why wouldn't they just head to the hotel bar and shut it down? Well, because these fuckers were to cheap to pay for the booze in the hotel bar. REALLY? And, then they were surprised and belligerent when they were asked to get rid of their cups? Dear God...

The Truth Doesn't Have to Hurt Tuesday ~ Why to Pop the Question on Christmas

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Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la, la la la la.

And surely it is a time of joy, fun, family and friends, and it can also be an incredibly romantic time. Depending on which hemisphere you live, you can either snuggle up by an open fire and watch the snow fall, or oil up, spread out the beach towel, and soak up the rays. Both propositions have their own unique appeal.

And speaking of propositions, Xmas is also a perfect time to propose. Just think about it; with love and good cheer in the air, family at the ready, and a background of “giving,” could there be a better time to ask that special other for their hand in marriage?

There may be people who think that Valentine’s Day, only two and a half months down the road, and with all it connotes is perhaps the day to perfect day to propose, but aren’t Valentine’s Day proposals becoming a bit clichéd? They lack the element of surprise that a Christmas proposal packs and they also lack the gathering of family and that certain je ne sais quoi that is the atmosphere that seemingly pervades during the Xmas – New Year period.

It is also easier to hide your intentions with a Xmas proposal. Hang the engagement ring on the tree disguised as just another decoration and then pop the question with the “decoration” at hand. Decorate the tree with lights that spell out “Marry me,” then darken the room and turn on the lights at the appropriate moment; the different ways of proposing on Xmas are only limited by your imagination. And given that gift-giving is part of the season, it is the perfect cover for your plans.

How about hanging a Xmas stocking with the ring placed right at the bottom in the corner? Chances are that your future fiancé will miss finding it and you can play a game about them missing something. If they do find it, simply move on to Plan B and propose – either way it will be memorable.

A proposal should be many things – unforgettable, fun, and romantic. It should have a twist or two to help make it special and should also, if it does not actually involve family, then at least be in close proximity to family, so that you can spread the happy news quickly. Xmas meets all these criteria as the perfect time to pop the big question.

Special things happen on Christmas. Important things happen on Christmas. Memorable things happen on Christmas. What could be more special, important, or memorable than making sure that your one true love is officially taken off the market? I’ll tell you what is more special – doing it on Christmas.

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I Despise Valentine's Day, But I Love This Valentine's Day Shoot!

I'm not going to lie. I really hate Valentine's Day. I do. I always have. Over the years, it has made me feel like complete shit for being single, and watching everybody else binge on chocolate and make out publicly, or when I've been in a relationship, it made me feel resentful and anxious about the responsibility of having to celebrate something I thought was entirely stupid. Not too mention, if you are in a new relationship, then how do you proceed? What's too much? What's not enough? Right? Hold on... Pause for a flashback girls... Yikes! Totally just thought about an old college flame... Yeah, we broke up two days after Valentine's Day. Thank you Hallmark!

Anyway, I am still a girl, and I still love beautiful pictures, red hearts and delicious candy. So, I thought I'd "get in the spirit", and share an awesome Valentine's Day wedding shoot with you. I am completely dying over the red galoshes, the cool ass bouquet and the wedding dress with the red sash! 

Carrie Wildes Photography describes the shoot: Creative, over the top, and fun, why not? That’s what we were going for to really spark our creative minds with this Valentine’s Day themed session with David and Brandy. The gown and beautiful red sash were created by Anglo Couture. Events in Bloom created a very unique floral effect with a red heart shaped umbrella enveloped by flowers and also a heart shaped cascade bouquet. Hair and makeup, old Hollywood style by Collective Creations. Red galoshes and a sweet picnic with candy, heart shaped donuts, and champagne were the perfect touches.

How incredibly fantastic is that bouquet? Seriously! And I have to admit, those donuts look pretty delicious too... Gimme!!