Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Romantic, Country Chic Urban Wedding

Bridey, here's something you don't hear everyday... Allison and Paul started dating when they were sixteen and eighteen years old. Right? I mean, and they're still together and they like each other? YUP! Seriously, can I get a holy shit?!! I mean, we all can't be like BB and meet their sig other in a bar in our twenties, now can we (don't be jealous!)?! Anyway, Allison and Paul have been together for six years, and it's clear by these gorgeous photographs that they are going strong. So strong, that I can't stop talking about how sexy they are when they kiss! 

I am absolutely obsessed with the venue, the John MS Lecky UBC Boathouse because of the brilliant natural light, and simple yet elegant decor. Also, I love how the bridesmaids dresses are quite spectacular, and all a different shade of turquoise. Bridey, there is a ton to love in this countryish, urbanish chic wedding. So without further ado, check it out!

Lovin' the wooden door and the chandelier...Allison's mom has passed, and this is a lovely way to celebrate her memory without feeling too sad.Hello Winston.The paper hearts this adorable flower girl tossed (and the paper flowers in Allison’s bouquet) are made from poems that Paul wrote to Allison. I mean... Happy and beautiful. What a FAB mix!
Such a super romantic kiss. Allison used the lace from her mother’s wedding dress to wrap around her bouquet... A tear is sliding down my cheek.I'm sorry, but this is so cool... Looks a bit like an eclipse.

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Timing Really is Everything

Sarah and Griffin... I mean... it really doesn't get much cuter than this couple. Right? LQQK up (OMG... I really needed to do the thing with the QQs). I truly love everything about their story, including the timing. I hate to sound cliche, but timing really is everything. This couple had mutual friends all throughout college and didn't meet until the summer of their last year. How is that possible? But, who knows... Had they met earlier, maybe it wouldn't have happened. Maybe this wouldn't have made it to BB because it never would have been... 

A blurb from the bride: Griffin and I met the summer of our last year in college. Despite having mutual friends and being at the same events our paths didn’t cross until a night of dancing with friends in Arlington, VA, right as the summer was ending. It started out with texts and long phone calls and became weekends of visiting each other back and forth. A year later Griffin’s military career started, sending him to Fort Knox, Fort Sill, Fort Hood and Iraq while I remained in Virginia. In the winter of 2011, with Griffin home safe from deployment, we started planning our journey to Fort Hood with one last goodbye party with family and friends. It was at this party where Griffin finally surprised me by getting down on one knee in front of our closest family and friends. On April 13, 2013 we had our intimate, garden wedding at the Birkby House and are living the married life in Texas with our furry children, Raja, Dobby, and Penny.

Are you totally DY ING over her hair? Love the do and love the bling!Some serious veil love happening here...Griffin, you're totally adorbs! Looks like a fun group of guys!Lovely.Um... This is SUPER clever. Seriously, why not play "I Spy" when it really counts like at a wedding instead of a long, boring car ride? "I spy with my little eye, the groom watching the bride from a distance..." LOVE IT!A splash of color in the writing...How could you not love the pig wedding cake toppers?Can't miss this!!Oh... Look at the little love birds!!!

Industry Peeps: 

Photographer: T.Y. Photography
Caterer: Six Star Catering
Florist: herndon florist
Bakery: Sweets by E
Reception Venue: Thomas Birkby House