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Fantasy Friday ~ Skateboard Wedding

Yeah... that's a skateboard guest book. And you know what? I think it's pretty fucking fantastic. Right? That could be yours, bridey. All yours... If you dare to fantasize. If you dare to do something that's completely awe inspiring. Like, having the balls to make your wedding all about the two of you, and use my fantasy to inspire you to do so.  

Welcome to BB's Fantasy Friday. And while mine is about seeing skateboards somewhere else besides a skatepark, your wedding fantasy should be about whatever you want and need it to be. So, here's a little eyecandy while you're thinking... Enjoy!

Such a fabulous skateboard installation! Who needs flowers when you can have hanging skateboards? Right? I mean...

I kinda love these wedding bands. Oh wait, this is my fantasy, so obvi I'm going to love everything I put in this post! Anyway...

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