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The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Sentiment or Selfish?

I am going to hell for this one, bridey. But, not because I’m trying to be a complete asshole… I’m simply trying to defend you and your bridal integrity. Although, I know that no matter how I word this, it’s going to come out in a way that sounds shitty. So fuck it… Here it goes! The other day, I happen to catch one of the more popular wedding dress shows and even though I really wasn’t in the mood to “say yes”; I succumbed to the pressure of the challenge (of finding the right dress), and couldn’t stop watching. And, you know what? I actually learned something. No, really! I did! I learned not to take your whole fucking family wedding dress shopping with you, particularly your ailing, super opinionated grandma. See what I mean? I sound like such a jerk, but the truth hurts, doesn't it?

Anyway… I honestly felt badly for the bride. She was quite young (23 I think), impressionable, and sweet. The problem? She and her grandma had completely different views as to what her wedding gown should be, and nana, squashed just about every dress this girl loved. Wow. Brutal. Look, I am all for respecting your elders, but at what point does that respect start turning into a dictatorship? I mean… This lovely bride moved up her wedding date in an attempt to ensure that nana was going to make it to the wedding, and instead of appreciating the sentiment, nana was on a mission to get her granddaughter to wear the kind of dress that she wanted her to wear versus what the bride (um, the one walking down the aisle) wanted to wear. 

I don’t care how old you are, or what role you hold in the family, pulling shit like that? That’s not sentiment it’s selfish. And it doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about the wedding dress or some other wedding related issue, bridey, you must be strong enough to filter out the bullshit. Filter out the noise. Squash that shit. Tune out the constant stream of opinions. Or else your wedding starts to become about everybody else and not about you making choices that celebrate your life with your future sig other. It becomes about pleasing those who are impossible to please. So tread lightly, but politely tell them to “fuck off”.

Right? So forgive me if I think nana was out of line. At that point, you’d think that perhaps her dying wish would have been to make sure her granddaughter was happy (even if she hated the dress) instead of making the poor girl work so damn hard to find a happy medium. So, am I an asshole for calling a spade a spade simply because of who was calling the shots? Or can we move forward, woman up and stand up for what is important to us without feeling bad about our choices??

Image via The Wedding Specialists

Fantasy Friday ~ Fixin' to Show Y'all a Fabulous Southern Wedding

OMG... when I saw this gorgeous wedding, I seriously thought that was thumbing through the pages of Southern Wedding magazine. There are some profoundly stunning details (like, down to the field of rainbow wildflowers, I mean…who has that?!), a beautiful bride whose name means “noble kind” (and look at her, it totally fits) lovely, blush bridesmaids dresses, a kickass square wedding cake… Seriously, I could keep going, but I think I’d rather show you. Right?

But, first, here’s the lowdown… Heidy and Sharon were married at The Island House on Johns Island just outside of Charleston, SC. The Island House is a private location with beautiful views of the Stono River. Heidy and Sharon had an outdoor ceremony with about 70 of their closest friends and family who made their way to South Carolina from all over the country. Their reception was tented and fabulous filled with tons of dancing, hora-ing and fun! My girl, Heidy, changed out of her wedding gown into a fucking GORGE sequined dress that will absolutely leaving you drooling, brideys! Enjoy!Whoa... That's fancy!Dying over the blush.What did I tell you? Heidy is STUN NING!!Look at those flowers! Not just the lovely bouquets, but the wildflowers in the background. Gorgeous! And I am lovin' those bridesmaids dresses!Hopefully the glass Sharon is breaking is actually a light bulb. Yeah, light bulbs break easily... Glass does not always break! Definitely not what you want to happen at your wedding! Mazel Tov!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Modern Twist in a Traditional Indian Wedding

I am completely blown away by this beautifully stunning real wedding! The amazing mandap, the gorgeous garlands, and the lovely bridal party... Oh my! I seriously couldn't wait to share this with you! 

A few words from the photographer: Lindsey and Arpan were married in an absolutely breathtaking traditional Indian ceremony at Kapok Special Events Center. Their guests were welcomed into a stunning and magically designed ceremony site from Tammy of Special Moments complete with a mandap from Dean of Arc Divine.

Lindsey and Arpan's priest was kind enough to talk their guests through the steps of the Indian wedding ceremony so that every guest of every culture could appreciate its beauty. After the ceremony, Lindsey and Arpan changed from their saris into a wedding gown and tuxedo while their guests enjoyed cocktail hour. They then did a first look between the two of them before entering their elegant ball room style reception. Every detail of their wedding seamlessly highlighted and complimented their family and cultures.

I cannot even begin to convey how utterly incredible this aisle is... Just look for yourselves... Right? Totally magnificent!

Such lovely garlands (these get exchanged during the ceremony)...

The significance of the garland exchange is the same as exchanging wedding rings...