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Fantasy Friday ~ A Damn Fine 70s Inspired Rock & Roll Photo Shoot

This styled 70s shoot is an inspirational buffet of awesomeness. Seriously, when I saw these photographs, I immediately wanted to stop what I was doing (oh wait... I did...) and dive head first into this sea of the 70s, but with a modern twist. Bridey, there is so much kickass inspiration here, that there is no way you won't walk away with a pile of ideas, even if your wedding is nowhere near this kind of glam. I am completely obsessed with the deep, sensual color palette and all of the fun little enhancements these peeps used to tie it all together.

Not too mention that the lighting in these photographs is sensational. Bridey, I've said it a million times, lighting has the power to change everything! So, use it! These photographs are not only so well executed, but they seem to glow, and that's because of the lighting. Soooo... Enough out of me! Go soak up the fucking brilliance of this shoot.

Whoa.Hey girl...These colors! The crispness of the photographs! The imagination!! I mean... I'm gonna start crying it's so good...Time for a little making out.This a gorgeous, naked wedding cake. No frills. No embellishments. Just well done. 

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Fantasy Friday ~ Night Club Wedding... Glow in the Dark Style

So... I have this strange fantasy of planning a glow in the dark, club kid wedding. I know! Crazy, right?? But, you know that feeling you get when you're dancing with your friends, the music and lights are going ballistic, and your heart is pounding out of your chest? That one? The one you wish you could bottle and drink when you're having a shitty day? Now, imagine if that feeling was your wedding... How AMAZING would that be? So... today's fantasy? Night club wedding... glow in the dark style! 

Seriously... Look at the absolutely insane wedding dress in the top left corner. Can you imagine wearing that? You'd be classy and lovely for your ceremony, almost "normal" actually, but when it's time for the reception, that dress would glow...

Still want to have a traditional dinner? No problem! Just invite your guests to your club wedding following dinner the meal. But, get them in the mood before it gets too crazy with these fucking fantastic LED escort "cards". OMG... I think I just took acid....

Okay, okay... Maybe I got a bit carried away with the splatter paint, but the amazing lighting and that kick ass cake? So not a cookie cutter wedding... 

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