The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Bridey, It's Time to STOP Apologizing! Except When You do These 10 Things...

I've stopped apologizing. Seriously. I'm done apologizing for stupid shit. Sure, if I make a mistake or if I owe somebody an apology, then I will apologize to them, but other than that? I'm all done. I'm done apologizing when it's unnecessary. And you know what, bridey? You should be too. Seriously, ever find yourself in somebody's way at the store and realize that your very first instinct is to say, "I'm sorry"? Have you ever stopped and wondered why? Because, are you really sorry for looking at the same t-shirt or cereal as somebody else at the same time? I'm not. But, we are wired to think that we are inconveniencing somebody somehow simply by standing where we're standing. And lately? If I'm not done looking at the t-shirt in question (or reading the cereal box), then I'm not moving, and I'm not sorry. Good for you BB, but... how is this relevant to wedding planning? Well, bridey, you do it all the time! You apologize unnecessarily, and then you don't apologize when it's necessary!

Look, I promise to tell you when you need to apologize, but apologizing because you don't understand terms of a vendor contract or because you can't wrap your head around a service you are paying for? That's just silly! It's important for you to understand everything you are paying for and receiving, and frankly it's important for you not to apologize in the process.

Bridey, I know that I have spent a lot of time busting your chops for your sometimes entitled bullshit behavior, but I've also made it a point to educate you and stand up for you while you plan your wedding. Because I understand that it's difficult to plan a wedding on top of the countless other responsibilities you are busy juggling. I understand that most of you haven't had the pleasure of wedding planning, and therefore you have a lot of questions. It's normal, and it's okay. So, rather than apologizing for it, own it! You're not supposed to have all of the answers. You're not supposed to know what makes "the industry" tick or how attrition works in regards to food and beverage or guest rooms, etc.. So, it's completely acceptable for you to ask questions and get answers. No apology necessary.

When should you say you're sorry? Here are the top 10 moments when an apology is necessary: 

1. Apologize when you're being an entitled bitch. We get it, you're getting married! It doesn't give you carte blanche to be mean.
2. Apologize for getting pissed off because a vendor had the audacity to work on Saturday and couldn't meet you when you wanted them to.
3. Apologize for not being flexible with your vendors (see #2).
4. Apologize for being rude to your mom, sig other, MOH, etc. in front of your wedding vendors.
5. Apologize for monopolizing all of my fucking time going over and over the flowers, décor, linens, etc., etc., etc., once we've already made a decision.
6. Apologize for not being able to make a decision. Promptly.
7. Apologize when you miss an appointment because you had to get to the gym. REALLY!?
8. Apologize for keeping me waiting (see #7).
9. Apologize when you say you need a "quick minute to chat", and an hour goes by.
10. Apologize for paying your deposits, final payments, etc. late.

Bridey, this list could be a hell of a lot longer, but what I'm hoping you'll take away from this article is knowing and understanding when you should apologize, and when you shouldn't. Got it? Good! Stay Bitchless! 

Image via The Odyssey Online

Super Stylish Sunday ~ How Lighting Your Wedding Can Change Everything

Brideys, you know that feeling you get (or used to get) when you go out dancing? Like you're on fire? Like nobody can touch you because you are THAT awesome? The music is rockin', you have a bit of a buzz going and the lights are changing color every time you close your eyes? Nothing beats that feeling, right? Well, wouldn't it be cool if you could somehow incorporate that feeling of euphoria into your wedding? I mean, wouldn't it be great if you and your guests could be made to feel a certain way instead of just simply being in attendance? No, I'm not high right now, bridey, just excited!! Seriously, take a look at these photographs! 

Would these weddings be gorgeous without the lighting? Sure. But, the lighting certainly changes the overall asethetic and mood, right? I know that you are probably thinking that lighting has to be super expensive, and that it's not even a line in your budget, but think again... The picture right below? The DJ did that... Not a lighting company. It was included in the package they picked... WOW! I know, right??

Entertainment companies are expanding their capabilities which means more options for you bridey. However, the more intricate (such as pin-spotting, etc.), the more expensive it becomes, and if that's what you are looking to do, then you'll probably choose to go with an actual lighting company. No matter what you do, take a look at the pictures below, and see how lighting can drastically change the feel of the space.

Totally love the feel of the trees! That's a concrete wall, and instead of ignoring it, the bride chose to enhance it with fantastic design!

That writing projected on the floor? That's called a gobo. You can project your initials, "just married", a particular design... the possibilities are endless.

So, I am in LOVE with the picture above! Like in total LOVE. Here's a perfect example of how lighting can make you feel. Would it be stunning without the lighting, yup. But, you we'd be missing the romance and the warmth that the lighting is providing to us. Or what about the photograph below? How cool is the green glow? Certainly takes my eyes off of the hideous carpet... Right?

The lights are changing color (duh) in the photographs below. It's beautiful in blue and in purple, but it's providing a completely unique experience for your guests...

Again, the glow in the picture above? It's warm, right? Romantic? It would still be a lovely table and room without the lighting, but it's especially fantastic with the right light!

I LOVE this picture! Imagine walking into this event? Amazing...

Bridey, are YOU planning on lighting your wedding? Tell BB what you are spending and if you are using an entertainment company or lighting comany.


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Winery Wedding Gone Right... Well, Minus a Few Dramatic Moments

Let me tell you brideys, I am a HUGE fan of winery weddings! And Kelly and Ty's wedding is no exception!While some of the craziness that occured could have gotten Kelly down, turning her into a bridey bitch, my girl persevered, asked for help, looked amazing and most of all, had fun! Brideys, Kelly will tell you that shit will go wrong on your wedding day, but it's really your attitude that can ruin you day if you let it. This is an incredible wedding and story of strength! Enjoy!