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Fantasy Friday ~ A Colorful New Year's Eve Wedding with Tons of Music, Glam and Plenty of Hot Pink!

This fabulous winter wedding just made it into publication on Bitchless Bride. I mean... Technically, it's still winter which is why I posted it, but it feels more like spring. Seriously, I had a whole other plan for today, but when I saw this smashing wedding submission, I had to share it with you, bridey, and immediately! Plus, I heard that Shannen and Craig were incredibly cool to work with, and based on the pics, it's quite obvious.

And, BTW... Can we just talk about how Craig is wearing a fucking hot pink vest and bow tie, and owning it! Right? Dude looks fantastic, and I love it! And, I think I love him! Bridey, there are piles and piles of inspiration strewn throughout Shannen and Craig's wedding. OMG, just wait until you see the centerpieces! Holy shit! And the cake... WOW! I think you'll see why I couldn't wait until next winter to post this wedding. You're welcome. 
If I owned those shoes (or when I own these shoes!), I would wear them every day!
Um. Bling anybody?
That dress is extraordinary!
See what I mean? Craig is 100% OWNING the hot pink vest and bow tie! 
Shannen, that's a damn sexy pic!
Fantastic shot!
It was 11 degrees outside when they took these photographs!
This could have been taken in the 1920s, right?
See the tambourines at the base of candelabra? They were for the guests to bring onto the dance floor when the party started! How cool is that?
This cake is so fucking fabulous! Right? I am totally in love with the hot pink flower! IN LOVE! And, the textures are simply astonishing!
Clearly a passionately romantic couple!!
Thank you for sharing your kickass wedding with Bitchless Bride! I love everything about your wedding day, and I think I even love you (both) too...

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Melissa Sue Photography
Wedding Dress: David's Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: The Bridal Connection
Reception Venue: Warwick Denver Hotel

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ An Elegant and Fun Backyard Wedding Complete with a Dinosaur!

There is SO much I love about Alexa and Kyle's lovely backyard wedding. Besides its absolutely charming and warm family moments, this wedding is chock-full of surprises! I mean... Look at the title of this post! Dinosaur? WTF? Well, scroll down, bridey, and you will see the coolest dinosaur this side of Jurassic Park has ever seen! And the flowers? Holy shit! Bill Muzuta, the florist (who I've had the privilege of working with), is a magician! Like... I really think he is! 

But, what I love most is that Alexa and Kyle had this truly stunning wedding, with a phenomenal tent, electrifying (no pun) lighting (gotta show off those flowers!) and exquisite décor, and then had a dinosaur cake! I know, right? AND, they really took care of their guests! They provided delicious food, and created a whole kids section with crafts and projects so that the parents could have a cocktail and relax a bit. As a parent, I likey... So, bridey, enjoy this GORGE wedding full of fabulous surprises along the way.
Amazing wedding dress and Alexa's bouquet is damn beautiful!
Love this pic! Just love it! It's so real...
See what I mean with the flowers? Each bridesmaid has a differnt bouquet!
Um. Hi. Gimme!
Fucking genius!
Can we just take a minute to talk about the lighting and the décor? Truly amazing!
Such a cool shot!
Yeah kid... That's a dinosaur! And the little tag around her neck says, "Please return to Alexa and Kyle."
When the hair is flying in the air, you know your guests are having a ball!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding with Bitchless Bride! Amazing details, and lovely family shots!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Dana Siles
Hair: Kenneth Wildes
Floral Design: Bill Mizuta
Cake: Cakes To Remember
Caterer: East Meets West
Lighting: Suzanne Lowell Lighting
Makeup: Kartina Hess

Fantasy Friday ~ When a Wedding Planner Gets Married...

When a wedding planner gets married, odds are, the wedding is going to be fucking amazing. And Shanna and Josh's wedding? A MAZ ING! Like, soooooo gorgeous, and soooooo warm that I cannot wait for you to scroll down and see the exquisite décor! Bridey, you know that I am a HUGE fan of uplighting, and Shanna's pink and ivory palette is simply beauteous. For real... Don't forget to light your wedding!

BTW... See Shanna's dress? The hint of pink? The ball gown? Isn't it stunning?! OMG, if I told you all of the amazing details of the B+G's wedding, then I'd be wasting your time. I mean, why talk about it when you can just scroll down and see for yourself? So, go... Enjoy this beautiful wedding!
The dress and the bling... Yes, please!Shanna, you look beautiful in that incredible gown and jewels!Let's go!!!Josh! I LOVE how you're looking at Shanna! (Nice dimples, too!)Great sunglasses!!I mean... Talk about a glowing bride....Totally love that their wedding was at a tapas restaurant!Those are sparkly Christmas ornaments which doubled as place cards. I mean... Talk about a fantastic wedding favor! Okay. Ready, bridey? Look down!!RIGHT? Could this room be any more romantic or beautiful? The linen, the lighting, the flowers! OH MY!!
Magnificent cake! And the room, glowing...Sniff... Sniff...Thank you for sharing your absolutely stunning wedding with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer, Cinema & Video:  A Magic Moment Photography and Video
Reception Venue: Ceviche Tapas Bar and Restaurant
Event Planner: Weddings Unique

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Fashion-Forward, Super Stylish, Super Glam NYC Wedding

I've had the privilege of working with Ed from Zorz Studios, and as you are about to see, his work is positively sensational. His shots are unique, his perspective eccentric and his demeanor, lovely; something that emanates out of each and every photograph. That coupled with a truly electrifying and cool couple is a recipe for a some spectacular images!

Bridey, I have said it over and over again... Lighting changes everything! And, Dana & John's wedding is no exception. Yes the décor is beautiful, but it is eye-popping with the lighting. Trust me, you won't want to miss anything as you scroll. So, get ready for some fantastic inspiration, some holyshitINEEDthose shoes, and a ton of fun as you take in Dana & John's wedding!
The invitation? A mockup of New York Weddings magazine designed and printed for this kickass couple!OMG. Fucking GORGEOUS pic! Dana, your legs look A MAZ ING, and those shoes? WOW!CLB for men... LOVE IT!Dying over the look on her face!OMG... Dana totally looks like a princess! Totally beautiful!The B+G grew up on the same block and have known each other their whole lives. I love that they stopped for a drink before the reception!Amazing shot of the World Trade Center...Gotta have a few shots in Brooklyn where they had their very first kiss!That champagne thing really works!!Stunning!I love everything about the venue, décor and vibe! And as you know, bridey, I am particularly obsessed with the lighting! Completely changes everything!

Manic Monday ~ Light it Up, Brideys!!

~ This is a sponsored post ~

That sweet table looks damn good, right? Beautiful wedding cake, kick ass cupcakes, awesome rock candy (I'm like a little obsessed with rock candy...) and overall, it's just a lovely table. But, you know why it looks that fantastic? It's called LIGHTING, brideys. I've said it a million times... Lighting has the power to completely change your wedding! It has the power to change the mood of your wedding, and honestly? It can effect how your guests feel at your wedding. Don't believe me? Allow me to explain.

Brideys, you are drawn to this table not only because of the delicious confections, but because of the pink up lights and the blue hues. Would you still grab a cupcake (and some rock candy)? Sure. But, you might not have even seen the table if not for the lighting. And you know what? You CAN afford it. Lighting doesn't have to break the bank, and if you're more of DIY kind of girl? Even better!

Check it out! Look up. See that? That's a before photograph. Vast open space, white walls, and white floors. To me, this space is a blank canvas. I see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to blow your guests away with creativity and ambiance. But, it's probably giving you heart palps, right? Seriously, does this picture scare you? It shouldn't! Quite the contrary actually... It should speak to you! You need to adjust your thinking and see it as a way to save a shitload of money by lighting it up! Look down...

I mean... Stunning, right? Yes, the hanging lanterns are cool, but the room itself is completely mind blowing because of the purple glow, and the amazingly lit head table. The rest? Well, it's gravy.

As you know, I am SO not a DIY kind of person (or wedding planner), but this is barely DIY, which is obviously very appealing to me, and to those of us who want to save money, but don't want to have to do a lot of work to get what we want. It's simple, and outside of a few directions, it's completely doable. 

If you're wondering where to get these, I am about to tell you, so slow your roll, brideys... The site? It's called They ship all over the country (USA), it's all done online (because who really wants to talk to anybody anymore?), and it's super fucking cheap, but the product? Not cheap. Just awesome! And easy...

Brideys, to me... Lighting for your wedding is just as important as flowers on your tables or FAB entertainment. All you have to do is look up to see that... Remember, you're setting the tone or the mood for your guests. I mean, how cool is it that YOU have control over how your guests feel? Right? So, you know what? Make sure they feel awesome! Got it?

Images via 

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Stunning in Newport

So, every now and then, I like to surprise you, brideys. And today, you are in for a special treat! You are about to indulge in an absolutely stunning wedding. But, oddly enough the bride and groom are not part of this feature. You will only see the details. Sounds completely shady, doesn't it? It's really not, I promise you, but out of respect for the bride and groom, who have asked to be kept out of the photographs, you won't see them today. But, in this case? It doesn't really matter... The photographs will speak for themselves even without the B+G.

This wedding certainly looks to good to be true, but it IS NOT A STYLED SHOOT! IT IS A REAL WEDDING! And I know that it looks so fucking perfect that it looks like a styled shoot due to the perfect placement of pretty much everything, but I can assure you, it's not. So, feast your eyes, and steal some ideas from this masterpiece!

Exquisite dress. Just a breathtaking Vera Wang. Right? (And let's be honest, who doesn't want a picture of a horse in the background?)

How amazing to have the ceremony looking out on the water with a gorgeous ombre, flower petal aisle?

Following the ceremony, cocktails and passed hors d'oeuvres look out on the ocean.

Um, yeah. Astoundingly modern, amazingly cool, and miraculously fantastic.

Are you completely dying over these arrangements? I'm DY ING! OMG those orchids are so beautiful, and the "diamonds" gracing the bottom of candles? Priceless. Gorgeous. Awe-inspiring photographs...

Super Stylish Sunday ~ How Lighting Your Wedding Can Change Everything

Brideys, you know that feeling you get (or used to get) when you go out dancing? Like you're on fire? Like nobody can touch you because you are THAT awesome? The music is rockin', you have a bit of a buzz going and the lights are changing color every time you close your eyes? Nothing beats that feeling, right? Well, wouldn't it be cool if you could somehow incorporate that feeling of euphoria into your wedding? I mean, wouldn't it be great if you and your guests could be made to feel a certain way instead of just simply being in attendance? No, I'm not high right now, bridey, just excited!! Seriously, take a look at these photographs! 

Would these weddings be gorgeous without the lighting? Sure. But, the lighting certainly changes the overall asethetic and mood, right? I know that you are probably thinking that lighting has to be super expensive, and that it's not even a line in your budget, but think again... The picture right below? The DJ did that... Not a lighting company. It was included in the package they picked... WOW! I know, right??

Entertainment companies are expanding their capabilities which means more options for you bridey. However, the more intricate (such as pin-spotting, etc.), the more expensive it becomes, and if that's what you are looking to do, then you'll probably choose to go with an actual lighting company. No matter what you do, take a look at the pictures below, and see how lighting can drastically change the feel of the space.

Totally love the feel of the trees! That's a concrete wall, and instead of ignoring it, the bride chose to enhance it with fantastic design!

That writing projected on the floor? That's called a gobo. You can project your initials, "just married", a particular design... the possibilities are endless.

So, I am in LOVE with the picture above! Like in total LOVE. Here's a perfect example of how lighting can make you feel. Would it be stunning without the lighting, yup. But, you we'd be missing the romance and the warmth that the lighting is providing to us. Or what about the photograph below? How cool is the green glow? Certainly takes my eyes off of the hideous carpet... Right?

The lights are changing color (duh) in the photographs below. It's beautiful in blue and in purple, but it's providing a completely unique experience for your guests...

Again, the glow in the picture above? It's warm, right? Romantic? It would still be a lovely table and room without the lighting, but it's especially fantastic with the right light!

I LOVE this picture! Imagine walking into this event? Amazing...

Bridey, are YOU planning on lighting your wedding? Tell BB what you are spending and if you are using an entertainment company or lighting comany.


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