Bitchless Bride is in Las Vegas!

Hey brideys! This girl is taking a much needed vacation! And if you haven't guessed, the hus and I are off to Las Vegas and will be staying in a lovely room at the Bellagio. Don't worry, even though I won't be posting this week, I will be tweeting, pinning (and eating, drinking, and maybe even some gambling), etc., so be sure to check in with BB because I'll definitely be cataloging my debauchery!!

Here's to a FAB week, brideys!!



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The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ BB's Taking the Week Off

I need a little break from reality. Know what I mean? I am deep into event planning, and I keep dreaming about beaches and yummy fruity cocktails, so I thought I should listen to my own advice (like I suggest to you, bridey, in my wedding planning guide), and take a break! It'll all be waiting for me when I get back, right? But, never fear, you'll definitely be hearing from me this week... Maybe even with a little news.

See you next Tuesday!!


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The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ I Wish I Was Still on Vacation

I wish I was still on vacation. I wish I still had a cold drink in my hand, and the smell of sunscreen soaking into my skin. Ahhhh... You feel that? Who's with me? Right? Ugh. And then reality hits... HARD. Instead of sipping that delicious cocktail, I'm sitting in front of my computer wishing the first email I came back to was telling me how wonderful I have been to work with, not "Now that you're back from your trip, there is a lot we need to discuss..." Fuck me... C'mon...

The truth, bridey? I didn't miss you. Not. One. Bit. Because I was busy taking care of myself (for a change); my needs. I was planning what I was going to do the next day, not obsessing about the intricacies of how many steps it is from the top of the aisle to the alter or if, "it'll look weird if I wear my wedding band on my right hand before we exchange vows." Really? 

Fuck Yeah Tuesday ~ BB's Gone Fishin'

Sooooo... I need a little break. And over the years, I've learned that if I don't take a little break from "the industry" then I become a complete fucking basket case. So, guess what I'm doing? Yup, I'm taking a fucking break... And you know what? Bitchless Bride is not invited to my little vacation either. But, never fear, brideys, I'll still be tweeting, pinning and facebooking (but, mostly because I am incredibly addicted and couldn't stop even if I wanted to...), but this week, I am taking a break from working, blogging and basically all responsibilities.

Bridey, if you are beginning to feel sad because the reality that I will be taking a week off is starting to sink in, then I have a few ideas for you. You see, I put together a reading list for you (hopefully, it's shit you'll read while sipping something extremely alcoholic on a beach somewhere):

1. How about a little "Swamp Ass"?

2. Need a little help choosing your wedding dress? Then check out "From Strapless to Fabulous"!

3. How many of you think you are going to "do it" on your wedding night? C'mon... "Give it to me Brideys"!

4. Do you know your first dance song? Need some help with the "Music and Lyrics"? 

5. Want a colorful and different engagement shoot? Learn how to do it well, and "Color Me Mine"!

6. Considering eloping (like me)? Then do it right! Perhaps "A Retro Elopement in Vegas"?

7. Need a break from weddingy stuff? I TOTALLY get it... This will take your mind off of it! Some bridey bitch really pissed me off! So I fired back in "Bitchless Gone Bad".

8. Great Gatsby your thing? Then you gotta check this out!! "A Great Gatsby OBSESSED Photo Shoot".

9. Need a little peace? Then get it! Read "The Center Peace", by Melanie Vare...

10. And finally... you ALL need to see about "A Fabulously Extraordinary Vintage English Wedding".

See you next Tuesday!!! HA! I just fell over... But, this time? I really mean it!  

Stay Bitchless...

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Reeling It In

I don’t think there is anything worse than working with a bride who cannot get a grip on what she wants. And frankly, I'm not talking about the dumb dumbs either! (Although, oftentimes it’s the dumb dumbs that have the grandiose ideas that are just plain terrible, but at least they have a starting point.) I have worked with attorneys, doctors, dentists, marine biologists (really!)… You name it, and thinking back to our initial brainstorming sessions are enough to make me vomit all over my Tori Burch shirt! Go back to the basics girls! When somebody asks you how you envision your wedding day, and you say, “I don’t know”, we are in some serious trouble.