Fantasy Friday ~ A Wedding Designed by a Five-Year-Old

Ever wonder what it would be like if you hired a five-year-old to plan your wedding? No, bridey, I haven't lost my mind, I'm just playing with the idea! Geez... But, what if we tapped into the little five-year-old that I know we all have living inside of us, and trusted her innocent and imaginative little mind to create a wedding that was so spectacular, and so fabulous that you just HAD to be brave and go for it? Right?? If you do, I'll let you wear the phenomenal rainbow, tutu wedding dress... 

So, let your hair down, take a deep breath and go crazy!!

Whenever there are special meals arranged for the children at weddings, I always see the adults eating it. Like ALWAYS! So, what if we skipped the "adult" meal, and just dug in and enjoyed the delicious food meant for kids? 

Look up. Those are waffle wrapped chicken fingers. How about washing a few of those down with some cold milk and a heart-shaped cookie? 

A peanut butter and jelly ROLL UP? OMG... Now THAT'S happiness!

Who needs to spend a lot of money on expensive centerpieces when all you have to do is provide few colorful plastic cups, some colored pencils and some stickers? Done!

You know what? Fuck it! Just throw down some paper, and don't even bother with tablecloths. 

How to Prevent Yourself From Wandering into the Deep End of Crazy


Weddings are magical; not only in the way they make every woman feel like a princess, but also in the effect it has on females. We’ve all seen perfectly sensible women try on the white veil and suddenly turn into raging, crying, hyperventilating, bossy creatures with raised eyebrows, flared nostrils, loud voices and waving fingers. We all swear that, when it is our turn to walk down the aisle, we will be sane and calm. If this is a serious goal for you, it is wise to set strategies to prevent yourself from wandering into the deep end of crazy.