Super Stylish Sunday

Super Stylish Sunday ~ Traintastic Weddings

Maybe it's because I've been taking the train (subway) to my new office, or maybe it's because I'm a little bit fascinated by trains (and NOT just because of that scene in Risky Business), but I've been thinking about how cool a train themed wedding could be. It's definitely a theme that as a wedding planner, I don't see very often. And really, it can be amazingly fabulous, and certainly memorable for you and your guests. Seriously, just look at that photograph! How'd you like that to be hanging in your home? Right??

Brideys, we all know that by executing your wedding theme beautifully and accurately, you (or you and your wedding planner) single-handedly have the power to create an almost euphoric atmosphere. And a train theme? Well, it's surprisingly romantic and certainly unique. So, if you're unsure as to your wedding theme or if you even want to have a theme at all, perhaps after viewing this post you will have somewhat of an epiphany... And you know what? It'd be a traintastic wedding!

Look at this sensational photograph! I am lovin' how cool the bride and groom are. 

This photograph really got to me. Actually, it was the catalyst for writing this post about how stylish and almost distinguished a train themed wedding could be. It's cool. It's unique. It's fabulous.

I really love this train ticket invitation! Trust me, there is a very thin line between cheesy and classy with this type of invite, and I feel as though this one encapsulates the theme without it looking childlike or lame.

Unbelievable. I really love that you can't see their faces.

Super Stylish Sunday ~ I'm Sexy and I Know It...

When photographer, Jen Sinclair, sought out a non-traditional boudoir model, Brittany answered. And thank goodness she did! Because not only is she absolutely stunningly beautiful, but she is non-traditional. Be it the wavy locks of luscious purple hair, the colorful tattoos or her damn sexy curves, Brittany is HOT! But, most of all? Brittany is confident... And it totally shows with every single photograph.

And you know what, brideys? Don't even bother having boudoir photographs taken, if you're not going to flaunt your body and confidently, because it'll show in the pictures. You'll end up looking more like a scared little girl instead of a sexy bride-to-be. Just LOOK at Brittany! She's amazing, and she completely OWNS it in these hot pictures!

OMG, look up! Can we just talk about how perfect her ass is? Sorry, but you know I call it like I see it! And that is a perfect ass!! I love the way her photographer only lets us see only a glimpse too... Certainly gets the juices going that's for sure! Whoever he is , he's a lucky guy! And... honestly? I am a little bit obsessed with her hair. I love the color, and I love how perfectly it flows down her back. 

To me, the photograph in the mirror, is probably the most sexy of them all. This woman exudes sexiness, and is so seductive and confident all mashed up into one. This is Brittany OWNING her boudoir experience, brideys. Seriously, if you need a confidence boost before your boudoir shoot, then study this post before you get down...

Super Stylish Sunday ~ Color Me Mine

Happy Easter! I purposely decided not to do anything Easter related because by the end of the holiday, you're gonna be totally Eastered out, totally sick of candy (well, maybe...), eggs, ham and even Easter eye candy! So, I thought I'd give you straight eye candy instead... And what I am showing you today is super stylish and such a bloody fantastic idea for engagement shoot, that I just about fell over when I saw the pictures!

If you look on my about page, you'll see that I love to photograph graffiti, so in my humble opinion, this engagement shoot not only encompasses a colorfully phenomenal backdrop for a photo shoot, but then... THEY PAINT EACH OTHER! Holy shit! Right? I mean, obviously I'm guessing that the dress the bride is wearing in the photographs isn't her actual wedding dress, but perhaps it's similar or perhaps it's completely different. But, who cares!! It's fabulous! I mean, imagine these pics hanging in your home? So not traditional... so not expected... and SO not boring! 

Brideys, if you're looking for a fun way to play during your engagement shoot, this is it! Go ahead... try something outside of your norm. Get comfortable being uncomfortable! The pictures are completely worth it!

So... they started off all lovey dovey with beautiful black and white photographs in front of a lovely backdrop. Holding hands, a lovely snuggle and then....

BAM! Oh... What do we have here? Some cans of paint? How awesome is that!?

Look at their faces! Through their smiles I can see the desire. Ewww... Not THAT kind of desire

Super Stylish Sunday ~ More Like Super Sexy Sunday... Boudoir Gone Badass

Happy Sunday, brideys! I'm feeling a bit naughty today. What about you? No? Too early? Well, maybe these photographs will get you in the mood (and then your man will thank me later). Anyway, today's post goes beyond classy boudoir pictures. It's about getting comfortable being UNCOMFORTABLE. Why not go out of your comfort zone for these special photographs? I mean the fact that you're even having these pictures TAKEN requires balls, so why not go just a bit further?

Don't just surprise your fiancé with the pictures, but surprise him with how different they are than what he would have expected from you. I know that he will certainly appreciate any boudoir photos you give him, but with a bit of sparkle, role playing and even cookies? Yeah, the dude will go crazy.

I'm not just talking smack, brideys. Over the summer, I plan on having some boudoir photographs taken, and I'll definitely post them on BB. Most likely, they'll be anything but traditional... You'll see... But for now, just enjoy the eye candy and take away some ideas for your shoot!

I really want to do this. Roll around in gold glitter... NAKED! But, girls, to get this look, you must work with a professional. Otherwise, I can totally see glitter gone bad... Picking up what I'm puttin' down? Let's keep the glitter out of certain crevices... 

Check out the makeup! I am completely in love with this look, and I think it would be a cool way to express yourself during a boudoir shoot if you weren't totally excited about rolling around in glitter, or straddling a piano... That, or rockin' a blue (or pink, or blond, or purple) wig? Something that you would never put on your head under normal circumstances? That look would definitely provide an element of surprise for your man...

If my ass was this perfect, then I'd make this getup a daily party of my routine! The reason I chose this picture is because if you are not a lingerie person, why not BE one for the shoot? 

Great shoes. Great legs. Great color.

Cookie anybody? Right?? I love this picture! I love the stripes and I love the cookie offering. If you are not particularly fond of turning on an oven normally, then why not pretend to be during your shoot?

Super Stylish Sunday ~ Indian Wedding Fashion, Décor, Tradition and Education

What's shakin' brideys? It's Super Stylish Sunday, and I could not be more excited to share today's post! In my wedding planning experience, I have had the pleasure of planning several Indian weddings. And it's truly an incredible experience for everybody involved. I mean, look at the picture above! Um, that's an elephant! Right? AMAZING! And that elephant (sometimes a horse) is used ceremonially to bring the groom, accompanied by his family, to the bride... A Northern Indian tradition.


I love all of the color typically often associated with an Indian wedding. From the beautiful wedding lenghas, saris, jewelry, and henna, to the mandap, wedding cakes and décor, there is just so much to look at and absorb. The cool thing, brideys? You can incorporate this into your wedding no matter what your background is! 
Seriously, the bride in blue? How absolutely stunning is she? I am totally in awe when I look at her. Or the beautiful bride in her red lenga and bangles? Just amazing.
The bangles are always incredible to me. I have received many as gifts, and not only do I feel super cool when I wear them, but it's nice knowing that they are authentic, as they were purchased in India, not at store nearby. 
The henna this bride is rockin' is probably some of the most beautiful henna I have ever seen. I love her pink nails, and the rock on her finger shining through. It takes time for henna to be applied to the body; think of it as an artist creating a masterpiece.

Super Stylish Sunday ~ Pick Up Truck Engagement Shoot

I gotta say... I really LOVE Super Stylish Sunday. I love it because anything goes. And today? Well, it's no different. Although, I must admit... I was going to go a whole different route for the post today, but when I saw this in my inbox, I felt like I NEEDED to share it. Immediately. Because for some of you, today's post is simply a cool couple who chose a pretty fantastic way to photograph their engagement session, but for me it's much, much more.

I hate to say it, but usually? I get so damn bored with the majority of engagement photographs I see. And while the couple may be pretty to look at, dressed perfectly and completely in love, the photographs tell me absolutely nothing about who they are. They are empty somehow. But these? Well, they tell a story, and outside of how "pretty" the couple is (and they are pretty!), you get a feel for what they like, and who they are, versus how long they can gaze into each other's eyes for the sake of a picture. 

Seriously? What an incredible way for two lovebirds to spend an afternoon together? A gourmet picnic in the park on the back of their teal 1950s pickup truck?! It doesn't get much better than root beer, apples, French cheeses, bread, nuts, and some caramel popcorn. Right? Oh, and you know what? Let's snap some photographs and call it their engagement shoot! LOVE IT! I love the energy, I love the spirit, and I totally love how their photographer was able to truly encapsulate who these two people are as a couple.

I cannot get over the whimsical look in her eyes! So stunning...

Super Stylish Sunday ~ Show Up and Shut Up!!

My parents got married on a Tuesday. Seriously. What's strange is that I JUST found this out a few months ago... Right? Considering that I am a wedding planner and blogger, I am surprised (and a little annoyed) that I didn't know this until recently when it just happened to come up in conversation. And you know what? Everybody still made it to the wedding, all 300 guests, even though it was on a Tuesday in August of 1971!

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about their wedding, what the trends were, and how different, yet quite similar life was for them... But, before we get into all of that... Let's clear one thing up, shall we? WHY the fuck it was on a Tuesday? I know, right? Well, apparently my grandmother HAD to have the wedding at the Ambassador East Hotel in Chicago, and it wasn't available on a Saturday night until the next year. Soooo, she did the only thing she could do... Book it on a Tuesday! Plus, Tuesday is considered a lucky day for the Jews... (So lucky that my parents got divorced 17 years later!)

(The Pump Room in Chicago's Ambassador East Hotel.)

My grandmother, "Minnie" planned everything with the help of a wedding planner (again... ANOTHER fact that I would have LOVED to have known, but didn't)! In fact, because my grandmother was in charge of the entire day, my grandfather and my father called it "Minnie's wedding". And being the wiseass that she was (I totally come by it honestly!), she told them to just "show up and shut up." How awesome is that, brideys?! And perhaps not too radically different from planning your wedding today. Is your mother in charge?

(Could have been worse... At least my grandmother had good taste!! Pink and white are MUCH better than this emerald green wedding... Something that is totally making its way back!)

{INTERESTING FACT: Something that I WISH you brideys would do more often?

Super Stylish Sunday ~ The "Day After"... Brought to You from El Salvador

I know I always say this, but it's true... WAIT until you see these absolutely gorgeous photographs! And I always say it because I truly love well done, totally intoxicating and interesting photographs, and this "day after" (the wedding) shoot of Alejandro & Regina is no exception. So that's why I HAD to share it with you!

Alejandro and Regina had their wedding in a lovely church and reception venue in San Salvador. They hired their photographer to fly out and capture the day, but he only agreed to go if they could have a "day after" session in the funky, colorful, indigenous non-traditional city of Ataco. 

And it's clear by the amazing photographs that they had an incredible time walking around snapping pictures. The even cooloer part? They brought their wedding attire and were able to photograph the couple all dolled up! Um, look at the photograph below. Right?? They had some military personel escort them through a bit of the town, and grab some frames with them. INSANE! Absolutely insanely gorgeous! 

This photograph is just cool. Right? The contrast between the wedding dress, the wall behind them and the military guards? It's really something...

Dying over the attitude in this picture! Not to mention the coffee beans on the wall! Now it's time for a costume change...

Super Stylish Sunday ~ Graffiti Inspired Wedding Shoot

I just died and went to awesome heaven. Seriously, I am completely blown away by these incredibly beautiful, incredibly creative photographs. Not to mention that if you've read my About page, then you know that I appreciate and photograph cool graffiti that I see around the city. So when I saw this in my inbox, I was thrilled. It was like a mixture of two of my favorite things... Graffiti and weddings. 

So, please... ENJOY this fucking fabulously creative, amazingly gorgeous photo shoot... I know I did.

Notes from the submission: Shot at the Crewest Gallery in downtown Los Angeles, this themed shoot was a collaboration between Best Coast Photo and Orange Blossom Special Events inspired by the abundance of colorful graffiti and street art in areas like Venice Beach and throughout Los Angeles. Although derived from street art, we wanted to create a look that at once edgy and urban, yet modern and sophisticated. A fantastic team was assembled to bring together all of the elements, which included a custom-made graffiti cake by the amazing Santa Monica's Vanilla Bake Shop, details by Mr. Caballero Creative and a gorgeous dress by Miss Tashina.

I cannot get over the shoes! Talk about something blue? Right? They are a perfect compliment to this absolutely SICK wedding dress.

Super Stylish Sunday ~ Eloping... Bitchless Bride Style

Brideys, I've been quite honest regarding the details of my own wedding, haven't I? You all know I eloped, right? Well, I did. So, I thought I'd show you how it's done if that's what you are planning to do. I must say, the only thing that I find annoying to this day is how many people ask us if Elvis married us... Really. No, Elvis did not fucking marry us... We just love Vegas, so that's where we wanted to get married. Because it meant something... Just us... Nobody else.

But, beware, I do have a few teeny tiny regrets that I will be sharing with you so if you've booked your tickets, then take some notes, bridey. Hopefully my experience will help you avoid regret and focus on what's important, you (and your man)...

Because everybody should take a picture on an old Mercedes! Just kidding, but I do absolutely love her dress, hair and shoes so I thought I'd show them to you.

This is a BIG one, bridey. I REGRET not wearing an actual wedding dress! I wore a bridesmaid dress that I purchased a week before the trip, and I totally regret not wearing a fabulous white dress. So, check out the two wedding dresses above. They are fantastic! Do yourself a favor and wear one!

Super Stylish Sunday ~ Why Finding the RIGHT Photographer is SO Important!

I have to be honest, I LOVE Super Stylish Sunday! I feel like it gives me the opportunity to really educate you, bridey, through pictures and today, with a great story of love, committment and an awful photographer (from 14 years ago)... Bridey, I cannot even begin to stress the importance of hiring the right photographer for your wedding. Allow me to be blunt. Ready? You get what you pay for. PERIOD. If you hire a cheap photographer, odds are your wedding photographs will look cheap too... So bridey, a little tough love? Don't fuck up your wedding photographs because you are cheap. It's the wrong place to cut corners...

So, I encourage all of you brideys to browse this amazingly lovely photo shoot, and read Helena & Gabe's beautiful story. Although, as beautiful as a story as it is, it's incredibly frustating for those of us in the wedding industry to hear about a bad photographer! Apparently, the wedding photographs taken by their photographer were so bad that they didn’t want to put them up in their home!

I love a good shoulder kiss...


{I am FREAKING out over the details! That bouquet, and her makeup? DYING!!}

Super Stylish Sunday ~ How Lighting Your Wedding Can Change Everything

Brideys, you know that feeling you get (or used to get) when you go out dancing? Like you're on fire? Like nobody can touch you because you are THAT awesome? The music is rockin', you have a bit of a buzz going and the lights are changing color every time you close your eyes? Nothing beats that feeling, right? Well, wouldn't it be cool if you could somehow incorporate that feeling of euphoria into your wedding? I mean, wouldn't it be great if you and your guests could be made to feel a certain way instead of just simply being in attendance? No, I'm not high right now, bridey, just excited!! Seriously, take a look at these photographs! 

Would these weddings be gorgeous without the lighting? Sure. But, the lighting certainly changes the overall asethetic and mood, right? I know that you are probably thinking that lighting has to be super expensive, and that it's not even a line in your budget, but think again... The picture right below? The DJ did that... Not a lighting company. It was included in the package they picked... WOW! I know, right??

Entertainment companies are expanding their capabilities which means more options for you bridey. However, the more intricate (such as pin-spotting, etc.), the more expensive it becomes, and if that's what you are looking to do, then you'll probably choose to go with an actual lighting company. No matter what you do, take a look at the pictures below, and see how lighting can drastically change the feel of the space.

Totally love the feel of the trees! That's a concrete wall, and instead of ignoring it, the bride chose to enhance it with fantastic design!

That writing projected on the floor? That's called a gobo. You can project your initials, "just married", a particular design... the possibilities are endless.

So, I am in LOVE with the picture above! Like in total LOVE. Here's a perfect example of how lighting can make you feel. Would it be stunning without the lighting, yup. But, you we'd be missing the romance and the warmth that the lighting is providing to us. Or what about the photograph below? How cool is the green glow? Certainly takes my eyes off of the hideous carpet... Right?

The lights are changing color (duh) in the photographs below. It's beautiful in blue and in purple, but it's providing a completely unique experience for your guests...

Again, the glow in the picture above? It's warm, right? Romantic? It would still be a lovely table and room without the lighting, but it's especially fantastic with the right light!

I LOVE this picture! Imagine walking into this event? Amazing...

Bridey, are YOU planning on lighting your wedding? Tell BB what you are spending and if you are using an entertainment company or lighting comany.


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Super Stylish Sunday ~ Bow Ties are Super Cool

Honestly, when I think about bow ties, the last think I think of is how super cool they are. Right? Actually, considering how many weddings I have planned, you'd think my mind would go straight to boys in tuxedos, but for some reason I always flashback to my childhood and I end up picturing Mr. Rogers singing, "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood..." And he didn't even wear a bow tie!! So, I thought I would try to adjust my thinking, and perhaps your thinking too, by showing you some kick ass ways to incorporate bow ties into your wedding and still be cool! Ready?

I mean... Seriously, it helps that this is an amazingly gorgeous bride next to her really hot husband, but check out his fantastic bow tie! He is rockin' that bow tie so hard without rockin' a traditional tuxedo. Just look how fantastic they look together!

In case you haven't noticed, emerald green is in... All you have to do is look at the picture above to see that you don't have to be a professor (circa 1950s) to wear a bow tie. I also completely love that the bride is wearing green shoes! Right? And seriously, just look how handsome this hipster model looks showing off his very pensive, very serious look. I dig it.

There is so much you can do with a bow tie outside of wedding attire. Just look up or down at these cool photographs.... If the ideas aren't flying into your pretty little bridey head, then I suggest you keep on reading! There are invitations, menus, programs, décor... The possibilities are endless!

How could I resist this awesome Lego bow tie? I am DYING at how cool it is... Or the box of the velvet bow ties? Or the patterned ties? The options are endless, and so not boring! Talk about making a statement...

Brideys, I bet you never thought about doing your hair like this for your wedding day, right? But, it's insanely fantastic! Who knew? Just look at that perfect bow tie... out of HAIR! And that cake? You know that BB used to do pastry, so when I see a cake like this, I am in heaven. I am completely obsessed with this cake.

Brideys, I hoped that this post has helped you see that, "Bow Ties Are Cool"... Because they really are, right?

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How to Throw a Super Stylish, Super COOL Carnival Wedding

Super stylish Sunday returns! Not only was I absolutely in love with our Super Stylish post last week, but I received such incredible feedback from all of you, that I thought I would keep it going! But, don't worry brideys, I'm not losing my edge; this is all part of your education. As you know, I always have your best interests in mind, and the more options you realize are available to you, the less of a bitch you will be during your planning! See where I'm going with this?

I mean, look at this amazing bride! Her dress is gorgeous, and the color is just exploding behind her! And OMG! Notice the flower necklace? Completely fucking fantastic. Right? I'm so used to seeing diamond and pearl necklaces that when I see something so extraordinarily rockin' and different, I have to point it out!

As a planner, the three pictures above put tears in my eyes. Seriously, I'm crying as I'm writing... This is a carnival theme brideys... A theme that has serious trashy and super cheesy potential. And what I am showing you today are all the ways it can be done well. So pay attention!

I'm one of the people who is absolutely addicted to popcorn, candy and cake. Really... I workout to support my eating habit. True story. So when I see popcorn at a wedding? I need to have some alone time... Just me, the popcorn (usually sprinkled with M&Ms or other candy!) and some soda. Everybody else can be whooping it up on the dance floor and there's BB, sitting alone, wolfing down some tasty treats in a corner somewhere! For me? Popcorn and candy at a wedding? Priceless...

I thought these mini cherry pies would provide a necessary energy boost if passed on the dance floor. Picture these on a tray with a tall shot glass of vanilla milk... Yeah... A totally delicious, two-bite experience washed down with some ice cold goodness. No need to leave the floor!

I love this invitation. I also love that is is displayed at the actual wedding with some cool décor. See bridey? You don't need a lot of moola to make it awesome! SPEAKING OF AWESOME... See the picture next to the invitation? I am drooling right now. I am OBSESSED with cotton candy... I look forward to baseball games just so I can eat the damn cotton candy! I know... I'm crazy, but it's the truth! Again, something cool for your guests that's relatively inexpensive.

There you have it brideys... Carnival theme. Done well, and not cheesy. What cool ideas do you want to share with us?

Photo Cred: {Carnival Themed Wedding Invitations via Oh So Beautiful Paper}, {Gorgeous Bride via Capitol Romance picture by Ali McLaughlin}, {Super Awesome B+G via Leslie Lukas Weddings & Events picture by Nashan Photograhers}, {Table & Décor via Every Last Detail}, {Candy Display via Your Home Based Mom}, {Striped Popcorn Containers, Pearl and Earl}, {Dots Wedding Cake via Wedding Bee}, {Mini Cherry Cutie Pies via Bakerella}, {Cool & Diff Wedding Invitation via Kelly Prizel Blog}, {Cotton Candy via Daily Candy (Chicago)}

A Completely DIY, Absolutely Incredible Bachelorette Party Style Shoot

I could not resist this one brideys. I HAD to share this with you. I mean, how could I pass up a sparkly, glittery, super hot style shoot? Right? The best part? The price! Holy shit! I am totally dying over this, and I am so excited to show it off, because it is completely obtainable!

So, enjoy the eye candy, and learn more about this incredible "party" as I ask Amy Lovlien, of True Emerald Styling and Planning, a few questions about how to achieve such a lovely outcome without being a bridey bitch!

1. This is an absolutely incredible bachelorette style shoot for a DIY bride. What was the budget?

$1,000 for food, beverage & decor.

2. How long would you say the DIY preparations took (from a normal, non-event planner perspective)?

The hardest part of this shoot was gathering everything needed. We used a TON of glitter. After you have every supply it would probably take about 15-20 hours for one person to complete everything (or two long evenings with some friends!). 

3. Where did you procure the items necessary for the shoot?

Paper Source, Anthropologie, Whole Foods