Bitchless Bride’s Plan Like a Planner: 

A Revolutionary Wedding Planning Guide



Need some help planning your wedding? Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? So much wedding planning to do, and you, bridey, feel a bit helpless, somewhat clueless and maybe even borderline fanatical? Well then… Let me help you! Not only will Bitchless Bride’s Plan Like a Planner Guide help you plan your wedding; hopefully the best day of your life, but let’s get real here brideys, it’s also super expensive! Not something you want to do alone!

That’s fantastic, BB! But what’s in it for me, the bridey? Well, the Plan Like a Planner Guide will…

  • Help you plan your wedding like a professional!
  • Motivate you to keep your wedding planning experience focused and fun!
  • Encourage you to stay on track with your wedding planning.
  • Inspire you to behave less like a bridezilla and more like a smart, well-rounded, well-educated, exceptionally informed bride.
  • Manage your wedding planning expectations.
  • Provide insider wedding planning tips, advice and secrets.
  • Deliver an incomparable bridal education.
  • Tell the truth about wedding planning; you have the power to control your own experience.


You want more? Of course you do! I knew it, bridey! Plan Like a Planner comes complete with these juicy extras… THIS IS HUGE! You’re welcome!

  • My very own super detailed, super enlightening, comprehensive wedding timeline of events Microsoft Word template. It will change your life, bridey!
  • A wedding planning budget Microsoft Excel template designed to keep you and your budget in line, bridey!
  • All of the appropriate and important questions for you to ask potential vendors and advice on proper communication with your vendors.

The best part? (Yeah, it gets even better!) Your bridal education is all in one place. No need to search endlessly for advice or wedding timelines or questions to ask vendors because it’s all right here! BB just saved you a TON of time!

I know. This is awesome, right? It is! But, like most amazingly wonderful things in life, the Plan Like a Planner Guide comes with a dose of tough love, bridey. I promise to teach you everything I know about wedding planning (and then some), but as you learn to Plan like a Planner, you will also be schooled on the reality of the wedding industry, and what’s expected of you, bridey. Particularly, proper bridal etiquette, and how you’re supposed to behave as a bride to get your needs met. Because the fluff is not enough! It’s more than having a “perfect” wedding day or making all of your wildest wedding dreams coming true. It’s all comes down to the planning… So, Plan Like a Planner!